Integrated Forming Simulation Systemfor Virtual Tool Shop

Convenient, Accurate, and Robust

is an integrated forming simulation system for virtual tool shop based on IT environment.

  • was firstly programmed for automobile die-tool engineers by JRI Solutions, Limited in 1996.
    As an integrated forming simulation system for virtual tool shop the meets the various industrial needs from the engineers of automobile, electronics, iron and steel, etc. The gives convenience to engineers, reliability to products,and robustness to tool shop via the advanced technology of the JRI Solutions Limited.

  • is widely used in many companies, mainly automobile companies and their suppliers, electronics, and steel/iron companies in Japan. The will be the long-term solution of forming simulation software to companies who want to get reliability and efficiency through CAE technology as in Japan.

  • includes various robust solvers, LS-DYNA, JOH/NIKE, and HYSTAMP,
    which are being renewed progressively.

Robust CAD Interfaces High-quality Mesh Generator

Enhanced CAD interface and automatic CAD data healing function

  • Direct readers for CATIA V4/V5 and IGES
  • Automatic CAD data healing
  • Stitching tolerant edges
  • Correction of self-intersecting surfaces
  • Cleanup of tolerant edges
  • Elimination of duplicated faces
  • Elimination of unused surface patches
  • Alignment of front-back face direction
  • Correction of degenerated curves
  • Elimination of small-width faces

Correction of Self-intersecting Surfaces

Correction of Self-intersecting Surfaces

Intuitive Mesh Modification

Intuitive Mesh Modification

Geometric Errors of Mesh Generation

Geometric Errors of Mesh Generation

Convenient Management of Multi-Stage Process Intuitive Analysis Condition Setting

  • Management of Virtual Try-outs through Project Management Panel
  • Definition of Multi-stage Process
  • Parameters Input through Forming Stage Flow Panel
  • Navigation and Verification of Assigned Modeling
  • Consecutive Bundle or Selective Independent Executions
  • Customized Process Template for Analysis Automation

Forming Stage Flow Panel

Project Management Panel

Project Management Panel

  • Central Management of Virtual Try-Outs
  • Convenient Check of Design Alternatives
  • Efficient Storage Usages
  • Reduction of Repetition Jobs

Advanced Springback Analysis and Evaluation High Accuracy in Trim/Blank Line Prediction

Formability Evaluation

Crack Prediction
Crack Prediction
  • Thinning
  • Forming Limit Curve
  • Forming Limit Stress Curve
    (Courtesy of KIKUCHI Co., Ltd.)
Wrinkle Prediction

Wrinkle Prediction

  • Fine Animation
  • Wrinkle Contour
    (Courtesy of KIKUCHI Co., Ltd.)

Blank Line Prediction

Blank Line Prediction

  • High Accuracy Considering Neutral Surface Movement
  • Speedy Solution in Minutes

Trim Line Prediction

Trim Line Prediction

  • Considering Neutral Surface Movement
  • Little Geometrical Errors
  • Speedy Solution with High Accuracy

Springback Analysis and Evaluation

Geometry Evaluation Function

Geometry Evaluation Function

  • Uniform 3-D Springback Measurement
    regardless of Constraint Conditions
  • Various Kinds of Fitting Features;
    Best Fit, 3 Point Fit, Axis Match, etc.
  • Direct Measurement and Calculation of
    Sectional Angle, Normal Difference,
    Radius, etc.
High Accuracy Yoshida-Uemori Model

High Accuracy Yoshida-Uemori Model

  • 7 Parameters Material Model
  • Considering Elastic Modulus Change
  • Considering Bauschinger Effect
  • Appropriate to High Strength Steel

Tube Hydroforming Analysis and Evaluation

Thinning Distribution


Customized Pre-bending Table

Customized Pre-bending Table

  • Speedy Solutions for Pre-bending Process
    No FE Mesh for Tools and Tube
    Customized Pre-bending Table
    Automatic Tooling and Calculation


  • Pre-bending / Pre-forming / Hydroforming



Various Formability Evaluation

  • Crack & Wrinkle Prediction
    • Thickness
    • Thinning
    • Strain
    • Forming Limit Curve
    • Forming Limit Stress Curve
    • Grid Pattern
  • Curvature Calculation
  • Forming Force and Holder Pressure Calculation
  • Tool Contact Pressure Calculation
  • Material Flow Visualization
    • Draw-in Direction and Amount
    • Nodal Deformation History
  • Shock Line Visualization
  • Character Line Movement Visualization
  • Sectional Measurement and Calculation
    • Length / Length Change
    • Angle
    • Radius
  • Model Reflection for Symmetries

High Accuracy Springback Analysis and Evaluation

  • Customized Yoshida-Uemori Material Model
    • Bausinger Effect in Cyclic Loading/Unloading
    • Elastic Modulus Change due to Plastic Deformation
  • Kinematic Hardening Model
    • YU / Armstron Frederick / Lemaitre-Chaboche
  • Geometry Evaluation Function
    • Comparison of CAD Surface/Cloud Data/FE Mesh
    • Geometry Fit Functions: (Local) Best Fit / 3Point Fit / Rotation / etc.
    • Springback Measurement Irrelevant to Constraint Conditions

Accurate Initial Blank Line and Trim Line Prediction

  • Considering Neutral Surface Movement
  • Adopt spGate-Auto and CAxPlatform by Arminicoc Co., Ltd.

Speedy Soutions

  • Adaptive Mesh Scheme
  • Direct Mapping Method
  • Parallel Calculation Using MPP

Robust Process Management

  • Bundle Calculation of Multi-stage Forming Process
    • Gravity, Forming, Trimming, Flanging, Springback
  • Customized Process Template
  • User Defined Process Template
  • Customized Tool Kit Models
    • Deflector/Inner Cushion
    • Leading PAD
    • Distance Block

Convenient Database Functions

  • Material Database
  • Numerical Drawbead Database
  • Planar Anisotropic Material Models
    • Hill’s Yield Function
    • Barlat’s Yield Function

HYSTAMP: Early Design Stage Solution

  • Initial Blank Line Development
  • Trim Line Development
  • Quick Formability Evaluation
  • Springback Prediction
  • Material Cost Evaluation


  • Direct Springback Compensation
  • Local CAD Face Modification
  • Automatic Re-evaluation
  • Convenient User Comments on Project Panel
  • SOLID Element for Thick Blank Sheet
  • Symmetric Analysis
  • Tailored Blank Forming Analysis
    • Automatic Step Offset of Tools
  • Tube Hydroforming Analysis
    • Customized Pre-bending Table
    • Convenient BC Control
    • Pre-bending/Pre-forming/Hydroforming
  • Counter-pressure Forming Analysis
  • Blow-forming Analysis

All information is from JRI-Solutions web page.