VisualDOC General Purpose Optimization Software

VisualDOC is a general-purpose optimization tool that allows the user to quickly add design optimization capabilities to almost any analysis program. All optimization settings and integration with analyses are completed through the graphical interface, so that it is not necessary to do any programming.

VisualDOC can perform linear, non-linear, constrained and unconstrained as well as integer, discrete and mixed optimization. Gradient-based, non-gradient based and response surface approximate optimization algorithms are available.  In addition a design of experiments module and probabilistic analysis and design capabilities are included. VisualDOC can exploit parallel or distributed computing.

VisualDOC comes with a graphical process integration tool, called VisualScript. VisualDOC and VisualScript have efficient interfaces to Matlab, Excel and user supplied executables. The users can also link their routines directly with VisualDOC for increased performance as well as put VisualDOC optimization capabilities inside of their own program using VisualDOC API.

VisualDOC/Visual Optimizer Interface

Download VisualDOC Fact Sheet (411.6 KB)
New Features in VisualDOC Version 6.0 (44.6 KB)

VisualDOC/MOLDFLOW Polymer Injector Location Optimization (369.63 KB)
VisualDOC/FLUENT Geometric Fluid Hole Location Optimization (276.31 KB)
VisualDOC/FLUX2D Magnetic Flux Gap Density Optimization (323.35 KB)
VisualDOC/CFDRC Geometry Optimization of a Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor (302.83 KB)
Probabilistic Design of a Spring (489.79 KB)